Yearout Energy Services Saves Silver City, NM over $200,000 Annually

Yearout Energy Services Saves Silver City, NM over $200,000 Annually

In 2016, Yearout Energy Services found over $264,754 in additional annual revenue for the town of Silver City. Yearout Energy Services converted the city’s aging, existing water meter infrastructure to an AMR (drive-by) system. Yearout Energy Services provided an Investment Grade Audit (IGA) on the existing meter infrastructure for the town and audited both the commercial and residential meters in accordance with AWWA standards to find that there was more than a 6% inaccuracy in the existing meters. These inaccuracies were due to older meters that had “slowed down” from use and time in the ground.

This inaccuracy resulted in substantial revenue loss for the town, totaling more than $240,000 annually. Silver City decided to install a drive-by system (AMR), which would generate an additional reduction in

costs to the town from reading meters. Yearout Energy Services’ project design and the management team were able to not only meet the project’s schedule with no change orders but did so without a single, safety-related incident.

The Silver City water meter conversion was the first project in New Mexico to use Qualified Energy Conservation Bond Dollars.

Annual water recovered: 29,346,000 Gallons

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