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Protected: Happy Endings for the Dogs at Tse Yi Gai

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Energizing Texas: Highlights from TEMA Connect Conference

In case you missed it, our team members Kanyon Payne and Israa Ajam recently took [...]

High-Efficiency Transformers

Transformers are essential components of many electrical systems, converting high-voltage power into low-voltage power that [...]

Turning Existing Budgets into Energy Solutions: The “As a Service” Model Advantage

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the quest for efficiency has taken center stage, [...]

Protected: Lighting Up Classrooms: How Texas School Districts Can Go Solar

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Advance Metering Infrastructure / Water Meter Replacement through Performance Contracting

An issue for many water utilities across the country is that they are leaking money [...]

Road to Resiliency

Grid Challenges In February 2021, Texas experienced one of its most severe and impactful winter [...]

Icy Exteriors, Cozy Interiors: Unleashing Energy Efficiency in Winter Months

As winter is upon us, building owners and managers face the challenge of maintaining a [...]

Watt’s Next: Innovating Texas Education with Renewables 

In a state that’s known for its blazing hot summers and pioneering spirit, Texas is [...]

Different Levels of ASHRAE Audits 

There are three levels of ASHRAE audits, each with its own level of detail, scope, [...]