Yearout Energy delivers New Construction Commission (NCCx), Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx), and Ongoing Commissioning (OCx) services to public and private building owners across the Southwest. Our team of commissioning professionals follow industry best-practices as established by the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA) and use cloud-based software to collaborate in real-time collaboration and increase transparency. Using advanced technology allows the project team to streamline implementation, increase efficiency, enhance issue tracking, and improve accurate information management.

The Primary Benefits of Commissioning to Building Owners Include: 

      1.   Reduce energy and operational costs
      2.   Identify potential deficiencies early
      3.   Ensure adequate indoor air quality
      4.   Improve thermal comfort
      5.   Boost performance and integration of building systems
      6.   Document system procedures accurately
      7.   Enhance training for building operators
      8.   Extend equipment life and system reliability
      9.   Comply with LEED or other rating system(s)
     10.  Reduce carbon footprint

Studies have identified that Commissioning is arguably thesingle-most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, operatingcosts, and greenhouse gas emissions.

New Construction Commissioning (NCCx)

New Construction Commissioning (NCCx) is a method of building design, construction, and operation that integrates and enhances traditionally separate functions. This is accomplished through a meticulous “forensic” assessment of a building’s composition to find waysto improve efficiency, performance, and occupant comfort. NCCx provides documented proof that building systems and assemblies are designed, installed, and work in compliance with criteria set forth in the project documents.

NCCx Phases

EBCx Phases

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx)

Existing Building Commissioning (EBCx) is a systematic process for planning, assessing, investigating, analyzing, improving, optimizing, and verifying the performance of existing building systems and assemblies. The primary objective of EBCx is to improve building performance and ensure systems properly interact to meet current facility requirements. Studies have identified that EBCx is arguably the single-most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy, operating costs, and greenhouse gas emissions in existing buildings.

Ongoing Comissioning (OCx)

Ongoing Commissioning is the process of investigation, evaluation, monitoring, and implementation of improvement measures related to facility performance on a continuous basis to maintain the built infrastructure to the performance standards of the facility and owner requirements. OCx is a continuation of the commissioning process and is typically implemented following NCCx or EBCx. One purpose of OCx projects is to maintain persistence of building performance by embedding monitoring and fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) technology into building automation systems (BAS). OCx is considered a long-term resilience tool for building performance and energy savings.

EBCx Phases