Yearout Energy Partners with Telluride School District R-1 on Facility Improvement Project

TELLURIDE — February 8 — Yearout Energy, an Energy Services Company (ESCO) based in Littleton, announced that they have begun work on a $3.2M project with Telluride School District R-1 (TSD) to update and standardize equipment, decrease spending on utility costs, improve occupant comfort for students and staff and reduce TSD’s environmental impact.

Yearout Energy performed an investment grade audit (IGA) of several facilities across the TSD campus to identify and co-develop facility improvement measures that would allow the school district to leverage future energy and operational savings through an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). In all, TSD is projected to save $92,205 in utilities in year one, as well as prolong the life of facility equipment by making the facilities easier to operate.

“Yearout Energy is proud to partner with TSD to enhance these facility improvement measures on behalf of the district and the community,” said Business Development Manager Paul Engle. “Our team is excited to support TSD with their infrastructure improvement needs, save annual costs, and reduce their carbon footprint. These improvements are a win-win for the district and the taxpayer.”

The Telluride Elementary School Building has been around since 1895, while other TSD renovations date back to the late 1990s. By implementing these energy-saving measures, TSD will reduce annual energy costs by nearly 33 percent and extend the average service life of proposed measures by 25.7 years through the installation of solar photovoltaic technology, upgraded light fixtures, remediation of several building envelopes, and the standardization of equipment. The upgrades will also make it easier for facility managers to manage energy usage, especially during the harsh winter months.

“We’re excited to implement these measures for Telluride School District and further our goals to provide a safe and healthy community for our students, faculty, and staff,” said Superintendent John Pandolfo.

Beyond reducing energy spending the project provides many other significant benefits to facility users including the following:

  • Installation of 387 kW DC of solar PV
  • Installation of a 250 kW/ 500 kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)
  • Installation of two level 2 dual-port pedestal EV charger
  • Installing wireless thermostats at selected facilities that will provide remote access
  • Installation of 14 HVAC rooftop units
  • Upgrading approximately 970 existing lighting fixtures to LED technology Remediating 34+ square feet of building envelope air leaks or gaps
  • Upgrading 1,110 kVA of transformer capacity to higher efficiency units Installation of snowmelt controls on the Telluride Elementary snowmelt systems



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