Yearout Energy Saves Money and Improves Security for Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center

ALBUQUERQUE — July 16, 2016 — Yearout Energy, an Energy Services Company (ESCO) headquartered in Albuquerque, announced that they have completed a $13.8 million contract with Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center (BCMDC) to implement a Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract (GESPC) project at the facility. The improvements not only increased security at the facility but also reduced energy and operational spending significantly.

In all, the facility is expected to see utility savings of $534,377 in the first year, as well as $78,903 in savings on operations and maintenance. The facility received roughly $300,000 in utility rebates from PNM and reduced its annual utility costs by 49.8 percent.

“The new LED lighting is intended to reduce energy consumption and improve security at the facility immensely,” said Alex Montaño, vice president of project management for Yearout Energy. “The enhanced interior and exterior light quality and improved equipment system reliability add to that greater security, as well. All of this is extremely important in a detention center.”

The upgrades will reduce the facility’s annual emissions by 7,101,765 lbs of CO2, the equivalent of planting 880 acres of trees.

Yearout Energy implemented several facility improvement measures to improve the energy consumption of the MDC, including:

  • Replacing 7,000 fixtures with new LED lighting and controls
  • Installing 330-kW DC solar photovoltaic system
  • Converting boiler plant to use waste gas from nearby landfill for heating
  • Replacing over 1,000 tons of cooling
  • Replacing 120,000 sq ft of roofing with added insulation
  • Remediating 90% of duct air leakage
  • Retrocommissioning 175 terminal units
  • Installing 30 high-efficiency electrical transformers
  • Installing evaporative pre-cooling on 960 tons of cooling
  • Upgrading vacuum sanitation system with variable-speed drives and high-efficiency motors
  • Adding a new air conditioning unit with economizer in computer room
  • Weather stripping 100 exterior doors
  • Installing 8,000 sq ft of phase change material

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